About us

We are the team of programmers and analysts who are ready to realize for you projects of any complexity.
We provide a full complex of services in software development, database development, automation of enterprises or individual business processes, consulting support of information systems.

PoTomi founders

We are ready to apply many years of experience of our experts for the implementation of your business-needs!

Why you should choose us

Flexible pricing policy

We offer really competitive prices. Write or call us and make sure.

Individual approach

We help our clients to achieve success in their business. We offer our clients real solutions that truly improve their business.

Specialization and professionalism

In our projects we use technologies that allow us to find the right solution quickly in any situation, with minimal impact on the price of the project.

Warranty service

We think about the long-term contracts and cooperation.

Work directions

Depending on your requirements, we are ready to perform the whole cycle of works connected with the creation of an information system "turn key". We can offer you the optimal solution to fit any budget.
Depending on your requirements, we are ready to perform the whole cycle of works connected with the creation of databases, specifically the development of:
  • conceptual model (entity - attributes - ?ommunications)
  • logical database model
  • physical model for this DBMS (set of initialization scripts of the database)
Qualification and many years of experience of our experts is focused on the following DBMS:
  • Oracle Database
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
In our projects we follow the practice of using popular commercial database management systems.
Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) intended for automation of control and planning of all the resources that are used in the enterprise.
We have experience in support and integration of systems such as:
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP
Our experts have a great experience in configuration of systems modules:
1. Finance
  • GL - General Ledger
  • FA - Fixed Assets
  • Creditors
  • Debtors
  • Warehouse
  • Production
  • Treasury Department
  • Projects
  • Procurements
2. Personnel
  • Payroll
  • HR and timesheet accounting
  • Assessment of personnel
  • Recruitment
Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) - corporate information system, an indispensable modern tool for business. It allows not only automate the interaction with customers and sales process, but also build up their work so as to get the maximum result.
Capabilities of CRM-systems:
  • Quick access to the actual customer information
  • Efficiency of customer service and conduct of transactions
  • Formalization of the interaction schemes with clients, workflow automation
  • The fast receipt of all required reporting data and analytical information
  • Decrease in operating costs of managers
  • Control the work of managers
  • Coordinated interaction between employees and departments
BI systems or business intelligence - is the analytical systems that combine data from different sources of information, process them and provide a convenient interface for the examination, evaluation and decision-making on the information received.
We have experience in support , implementation and integration of popular BI systems:
  • SAP Business Objects
  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence
  • FastReport
Our experts have extensive experience in collecting, primary processing and storage of data, further submission to the data marts using the best visualization practices.
Billing System - a software package that calculates the volume of services consumed by the subscribers, debit funds according to the tariffs of the company.
The experts in our group have years of experience in implementation, development and maintenance of billing systems.
If you have ideas and a part of initial investments, but the lack of time does not allow you to create a new team, and directly manage a project, then please contact us. Our specialists will help you to realize your project.
Accumulated competence and contacts in the labor market, and successful experience of creating teams by our experts allow confidently take responsibility for the implementation of new projects.
Variants of our cooperation will be discussed individually.

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