Database Development

We do not only create databases, but also offer our customers development of a unique complex solutions for data management and analysis. We have an individual approach to each client's objectives.

Depending on your requirements, we are ready to perform the whole cycle of works connected with the creation of databases, specifically the development of:

  • conceptual model (entity - attributes - —Āommunications)
  • logical database model
  • physical model for this DBMS (set of initialization scripts of the database)

Qualification and many years of experience of our experts is focused on the following DBMS:

  • Oracle Database
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL

In our projects we follow the practice of using popular commercial database management systems.

We are always ready to provide the necessary technical support to customers in the operation of databases, it is also possible to provide such services as remote database administration.